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Demand for Biofuels is Rising.

Edgewood is Uniquely Positioned to Capitalize on this Growing Demand for Renewable Fuels

At Edgewood, our primary focus is on the development of large-scale renewable projects to meet the growing demand for low-carbon fuels in the future.

We achieve this by deploying cutting-edge technologies that not only reduce emissions but also enhance performance, all while generating substantial profits.

Given that transportation contributes to nearly a quarter of global CO2 emissions, our primary emphasis lies in the production of premium renewable diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Edgewood is fighting Climate Change through the profitable conversion of renewable feedstocks to premium low-carbon fuels.

Diesel Fuel Pumps


    Renewable and Sustainable:
    100% Renewable and Sustainable: Our fuel is produced from inedible waste streams of agricultural oils and animal fats, which reduces emissions by 70% and eliminates dependence on fossil fuels.
    High Performance:
    Renewable Diesel has a high Cetane rating (80+), delivering more power to the engine with increased mileage compared to standard diesel.
    Easy to Use:
    As "drop-in" fuels, RD adn SAF are fully compatible with existing fuel distribution infrastructure and can be used without engine modifications.
    Lower Emissions:
    Renewable Diesel and SAF burns cleaner than fossil diesel by combusting more completely, significantly reducing emissions of hydrocarbons, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides (NOx).


We create high-quality diesel and aviation fuel from renewable sources.

Renewable Diesel (RD) - RD is molecularly equivalent to petroleum diesel, but has lower lifecycle emissions and is produced without fossil fuels. Unlike biodiesel, RD does not require blending or infrastructure modifications and can be used in any diesel engine.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) - The airline sector is proving to be one of the hardest to decarbonize, and we are rising to the task. Our SAF is produced from 100% renewable sources and meets all FAA requirements for conventional jet fuel with only a fraction of the lifecycle emissions.

Edgewood Renewables Las Vegas facility

Project Highlights

    Key Numbers:
    Plant capacity: 120 million gallons per year (or 9,000 barrels per day)
    The plant is feedstock agnostic with the ability to process waste agricultural oils, fats and greases.
    Saves approximately 2 billion pounds of CO2 each year - the equivalent of 200,000 vehicles
    Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services provided by Stellar J


Our Renewable Fuel Hub

Edgewood has acquired a fuel terminal in Las Vegas, NV and has partnered with US Energy as the terminal operator. The site is ideally located for the distribution of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other specialty products.

Edgewood is in the process of constructing a biorefinery on the site that will produce over 120 million gallons of Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel each year.

By combining our own renewable fuel production with the terminal's existing distribution networks, we are creating a hub for renewable fuels in the region.


Empowering our Community, Sustaining our Planet.


Million kg

At full production, the Edgewood Las Vegas facility will save approximately 987,000,000 kilograms of CO2e from being emitted each year.


Thousand Vehicles

Edgewood's annual greenhouse gas savings is the equivalent of removing over 215,000 vehicles from the road.



Each Edgewood facility built will create nearly 100 full-time jobs, in addition to employing hundreds of construction workers at prevailing wages.

Partnered with

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US Energy

Stellar J

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Stancil & Co.


Bringing Renewable Fuels for a better Tomorrow

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